HyperPatch: Japanese Metabolic Booster (30pcs)

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We all share a strong bond with tasty and good food. Though food with calories is sometimes more tempting but can be detrimental for your body weight as well. To maintain a good figure while eating your favorite food, you need to become conscious while eating calories or burn more. But burning calories is a long time formula and, at times, very difficult when you’ve gained too much weight. For them, extra workouts or the diet may create bone injury and other health issues. Thus, nowadays, people are looking for an alternative solution. For them, Japan’s HyperPatch is an outstanding invention. It gives a pretty more easy solution for weight loss. Obese and weak people who are not fond of burning calories by extra workouts can choose these patches. These slimming patches can boost your fat-burning mechanism and make you slimmer than ever. You need to know how? Here are the details:

How does HyperPatch works?

Some Japanese ingredients like Capsaicin, Coptis Japonica, Sophoricoside, Catechin, caffeine, Salicornia Herbacea are the main ingredients of this slimming patch. These constituents contain outstanding ability to turn the energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat.

  • Capsaicin accelerates the metabolism and discharges the fat tissues.
  • Coptis Japonica decreases fat by the metabolized procedure.
  • Sophoricoside reduces body weight by enhancing fat burning.
  • Catechin boosts the metabolism level and progresses blood motion.
  • Caffeine firms the skin, reduces the body creases, and restructures the body’s elasticity.

All of these ingredients boost the fat dissolving process. These patches also include Salicornia Herbacea, to detoxify and hydrate the body. They contain caffeine & Japanese mints purposely to rebuild your body elasticity, which will reduce the appearance of crinkled skin you face after weight loss.


Are They Safe?

The natural ingredients facilitate deep layer burning. Nothing unsafe is present in these patches, and it is entirely safe for external use.  No side effects may hamper your fat-burning pleasure. You can use it even while sleeping.

How to use these patches to get the best out of it?

how this patches work

Use HyperPatches on dirt and sweat-free, dry skin. Applying the patches to the area where fat develops like belly, buttocks, arms, and hips is more of use. Paste on the specific body part and let the fat to reduce. But using more than 8 hours continuously may attach the foil to the skin. So, be careful. The manufacturers recommend using for at least four weeks consistently to get the best outcomes. But results may vary from person to person.


Package Includes  30 Patches/ Packet


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